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Sleeptite Tablets

Sleeptite Tablets

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Insomnia (sleeplessness) is a sleep disorder characterized by an inability to sleep and/or the inability to remain asleep for a reasonable period. Insomnia is the perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep, which may be characterized by difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, or unrefreshing sleep.

It may be due to old age, anxiety, stress, or shift duties and may lead to irritability, drowsiness during the day, aching muscles, headache, prostration, weakness, periorbital puffiness (swelling around eyes), poor concentration, confusion, increased blood pressure & risk of depression.

SBL’s SLEEPTITE Tablets relax the mind and facilitate sound sleep.


Ferrum phosphoricum 3x

Magnesium phosphoricum 3x

Kali phosphoricum 3x


Disturbed sleep
Difficulty in falling asleep due to anxiety & restlessness


No known contraindications


Adult: 2 Tablets 4 times daily

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