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R3 - 22 ML

Dr. Reckeweg ★★★★☆
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Heart insufficiencies of light to a medium degree, with a tendency towards edema. Myocardial weakness in cases of valvular heart diseases. Dilatations. Post-infectious myocardial weakness. Degenerative processes of the myocardium, coronary insufficiencies, cardiac infarction, functional irregularities, myo- and endocarditis, hypotonia.

Increases muscular strength of the heart, caused by the following group.

Cactus: Oppression with symptoms of angina pectoris. Strong pulse, suffocation.

Crataegus: Myodegeneratio cordis with cardiac weakness; enfeeblement of the heart during infectious diseases. Painful spasms; hypotension; tendency towards decompensation; functional irregularities.

Heart failure with cardiac dilatation. 

Kalium carbonicum:
 Weakness of the heart and the cardiovascular system in endo-myocarditis. Sharp pain in the heart.

Kalmia: Pains extending down the left arm. Chronic heart weakness with difficult breathing. Acute and chronic endocarditis, following gout and rheumatism.

Phosphorus: Heart palpitations mainly when resting on the left side, afflux of blood to the chest and suffocation, anguish. General nervous exhaustion and hypersensitivity.

Scilla: Insufficiency of the cardiovascular system with dysrhythmia. Decompensation phenomenon.

Spigelia: Strong and abnormal palpitation, low pulse, endo-myocarditis.

Strophanthus: Fast-acting heart tonic
- According to the weakness of the heart, 3 times daily 10-20-30 drops in some water, at the beginning of the treatment even 4-6 times daily.  
- In case of a strong tendency towards hydropsy, to be taken undiluted. Improvement should follow after several days only. If not, the dose should be increased, and reduced again after improvement to 20 drops, 3 times a day. Even after the complete disappearance of the complaints a treatment of 10-15 drops 2-3 times a day should be continued for a longer period of time. Overdosing presents no danger. In the acute weakness of the heart, every 15 to 30 minutes 10-20 drops.  


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