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Dr. Willmar Schwabe India

Lecithinum 3X

Lecithinum 3X

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Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Lecithinum Trituration Tablet is a homeopathic medicine that is a complex organic body that contains phosphorus. It is formulated with genuine raw materials and other constituents that are kept up to the mark in terms of quality to fetch an efficient medicine. It is helpful in maintaining general health.

Key Ingredients:
Lecithinum Trituration

Helps in maintaining hemoglobin levels
Looks after the health of the brain
Helps in increasing the number of RBC’s
Decreases the excretion of phosphates
Maintains overall general health
Treats loss of appetite
Helps in decreasing the excretion of phosphates

Directions For Use:
Take 4 tablets twice daily, or as prescribed by a physician

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