Why children are more affected by TONSILLITIS Now a days ...??

Why children are more affected by TONSILLITIS Now a days ...??

Tonsillitis is a very small thing but it can get you to the hospital for operation if not guided in a proper way.


Every mother complained about her child that he/she is not eating properly or he gets vomiting while eating or he/she running away on looking at food, keeps food in mouth but not eating, child becomes so weak etc.


We should find out first what was the cause behind.  

Child is not always making the problem in your life. He wants to eat but he can't or doesn't like to eat. Most common cause is left behind & that is TONSILLITIS. It is not a severe condition. Tonsillitis happen when the glands situated at both side of throat become swollen due to some bacterial and viral infections. It is happened mainly because of infection. So how the infections reach at the tonsils and it becomes swollen. Main common cause like drinking cold things or eating ice creams or eating more chocolates for a longer time.


When it happens what should we do?

Don't worry. Till now nothing serious happens to your baby. Just guide him/her what to eat and what not to eat and give him/her everything warms what he likes. Because warm things help you to get rid of infections. And allow him to sleep more time than normal. Because taking rest is also helpful in this matter instead of shouting or crying. After doing for 2 - 3 days you can see your child can eat properly. Nothing problems will occur on your child's health.


But, if this management is not done by you in a proper way, then your child's health become so weak and weak. He got his tonsils swollen and when tonsils swollen get too big and becomes hard then you will need to admit him into hospital.


So parents it is your duty on your child's health to avoid as much as cold things or ice-creams or chocolates or chips or anything that can harm to your baby.


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